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Salazar started drawing comics at 4, and he never stopped. He studied advertising, TV production and script writing, and he spent many years polishing those skills in Ad agencies and TV channels, until one day in 2005, when he decided to finally fulfill his childhood dream of creating his own cartoons; and that day BANZAI was born. Salazar is involved in the creation, writing and art of all of the studio's original projects and has directed more than 200 episodes of our several shows. He is also a proud father, an amateur samurai and a not-so-talented guitar player.  But he keeps on drawing every day.



Javier Mrad is a Graphic Designer and Animator who has had an extensive career in motion graphics for television spanning 20 years. He founded and was also one of the founders of BANZAI and In 2007 he abandonded commercial work to concentrate his efforts in the creation of stop motion animated short films and teaching. His films M'appelle, 2metros, and Teclopolis (the last two co-directed by Salazar) have been shown and/or awarded in film festivals around the globe including Annecy and Hiroshima. At present, he is working on his next film, and takes time to help with BANZAI's projects because he says enjoys his work with us very much.


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